Join the Send Me a Trainer community and train clients at times and locations that are convenient for you. We are seeking experienced freelance Certified Personal Trainers in Dubai to provide tailored programs that will contribute to each client’s health and fitness goals.

Our personal trainers perform monthly fitness assessments, design client homework assignments between workouts, and monitor client progress through regular training sessions in the client’s home, apartment complex gym, office gym or live online. Personal Trainers are responsible for designing and tracking client workouts. We are seeking focused, driven, and upbeat individuals, who know how to motivate clients in a positive way.

This can be a part-time job for trainers to simply work with some extra clients around your schedule.

Why our clients choose Send Me a Trainer:


✓  We guarantee to match our clients with a trainer who meets their fitness needs

  We verify all our trainers are certified, insured & pass background checks

  We hold our trainers to high standards of excellence & professionalism

✓  Our trainers hold the client responsible for sticking to their fitness goals outside of their regular sessions

✓  Clients receive peace of mind by choosing a credible trainer resource

What Send Me a Trainer offers to our trainers:


✓  Pick up clients at times and locations that are convenient for you!

✓  Keep your current schedule and just give us your availability

✓  We work for you to match you with a client

✓  We do all the sales and marketing for you!

✓  Pick up as few or as many clients as is convenient for you

Send Me a Trainer expectations:


✓  Create fitness & health programs for their clients

✓  Perform monthly fitness assessments with their clients

✓  Give clients homework assignments in between training sessions

✓  Hold clients accountable for fulfilling their monthly committed sessions

✓  Be reliable, honest, maintain a good work ethic, and be trustworthy and professional



✓  Certification as a personal trainer/instructor preferred

✓  Current CPR certification preferred

✓  A Bachelor’s degree in a health field is preferred but not required

✓  Personal training insurance or the ability to obtain coverage before starting

✓  Certified in additional specialties such as Nutrition, Athletic Training, Self-Defense, Rehab, Yoga is a plus



✓  Flexible schedule based on trainer’s availability.

✓  Possible growth opportunities available