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Are you a Hoboken resident who’s ready to get into the best shape of your life? Send Me a Trainer is here to help you reach that goal! Our experts deliver unbeatable personal training and group fitness services to individuals and apartment complexes throughout the greater Hoboken area. Rather than turning to streaming workouts, which provide no one-on-one support, or big gyms, which can be overwhelming and impersonal, we can help anyone can achieve the healthy and fit body they desire. We offer personal training services in a variety of formats.    ✓  One-on-one personal training: A hand-selected trainer will work with you to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Enjoy tailored workouts in the comfort of your own home, with all the equipment you need to get a good workout!    ✓  In-house personal training: Looking to expand your apartment complex’s fitness offerings? We can help! We’ll provide personal training at your apartment gym, as well as group fitness classes, that will make your community more tight-knit, improve your residents’ standard of living, and make your apartment complex a more attractive place to live.    ✓  Virtual one-on-one personal training: If it’s easier for you to work with our trainers over the internet, that works too! All of our services are available online. We have a simple process that starts with listening to you, your body, and your needs. Your trainer will work side by side with you to design a unique, personalized fitness plan that best suits you. With monthly fitness assessments, we’ll make sure that you’re making good progress. And you’ll never be bored, because we regularly assess the progress you’re making and adjust workouts as necessary. Beginners often find it difficult to know where to start on a fitness journey. It’s challenging to make the time and know what to do. Send Me a Trainer’s team of personal trainers provide you with the support and resources you need to stick with it. We’ll help you keep going without bringing you down. We believe in you – and we know you can believe in yourself, too! It’s time to get start on your fitness journey. Call Hoboken’s expert trainers at Send Me a Trainer today to get started with a phone consultation.


Constantly pausing online videos to follow difficult to understand workouts or finding yourself overwhelmed by the equipment at the gym is a common experience amongst fitness beginners. It seems like there are too many hurdles. We believe anyone can get a healthy, fit body with hard work and determination. Our Hoboken trainers work hard to help residents of all ages and fitness levels achieve their fitness goals. Send Me a Trainer’s experts will work with you to help develop a tailored fitness plan that suits your unique needs. We take into account your current physical fitness level as well as your goals. From specific goals, like wanting to add a certain amount of muscle or run a faster mile, to just wanting to feel better, we can help you reach it. We use a combination of strength training, cardio training, and nutrition guidance to create whole-body results. Our trainers will conduct a monthly fitness assessment to ensure that you’re making progress, and to expand on your workouts. You’ll never be stuck doing the same workout over and over again until it gets boring. We make it our mission to match you with the best possible trainer for you. You’ll have the opportunity to work with new trainers until you find the perfect fit. It’s important to us that you feel supported and encouraged throughout the process, so finding the best match for you is imperative. We believe that you have everything it takes to life a healthy, happy lifestyle, and with positive support from your trainer, you’ll believe it too. Interested in learning more about our personal training services? Give us a call to learn more. We can’t wait to help you get in the best shape of your life!


Our homes have become our havens in recent years. You can make working out in the comfort of your own home a reality. Send Me a Trainer allows you to save time and effort while providing you with highly effective workouts and personal support. Our in-home personal training services blend the convenience of working out from home with the support of a certified personal trainer. Send Me a Trainer provides Hoboken residents with in-home personal training services you can’t find anywhere else. We don’t just offer our services to individual homeowners, but to apartment complexes as well. Fun group fitness classes in your own building, one-on-one personal training, or virtual training—we can do it all. Our trainers will help you save money on a gym membership, make sure that you’re progressing and growing on your fitness journey, and give you the results you’ve been looking for. Our trainers all start by learning more about you and your goals before developing a personalized fitness plan designed to show results. They’ll conduct a routine fitness assessment every month to ensure you’re making progress and adjust your workouts accordingly. With Send Me a Trainer, you’ll always have someone to help provide the motivation you need to keep going, as well as nutrition tips to support you on the way! You’ll have the opportunity to work with new trainers until you find the perfect fit. Our group fitness instructors provide the same level of resources and support to their students. Send Me a Trainer’s in-home personal training services can increase the standard of living in your complex and promote resident happiness in your apartment complex. Let us help you build a stronger community. Our trainers are highly trained and skilled. You’ll be receiving the kind of training you’d normally only find at a high-end gym. And you don’t have to take our word for it – Send Me a Trainer’s happy clients include luxury apartment complexes nationwide, as well as large corporations. Help your residents get into the best shape of their lives with a little help from Send Me a Trainer.


Send Me a Trainer offers personal training services unmatched anywhere else in Hoboken, but did you know that we also offer top quality group fitness classes? You can save money on a gym membership and try one of our top-rated classes! Our group fitness instructors can deliver fun, challenging classes personalized to the needs of your group. Everything from flow and dance to kickboxing  and bootcamp, we’ve got you covered. We offer group fitness classes in nearly any location you can imagine, but you can frequently find us at apartment complexes throughout the area. Luxury apartment complexes nationwide love us! If you’re looking to make your apartment complex an even better place to live, adding our classes to your apartment gym’s offerings is a unique way to improve the quality of your residence. Some of the classes our instructors teach include:   ✓ Yoga   ✓ Pilates   ✓ Zumba   ✓ Kickboxing   ✓ Fitness challenges   ✓ Bootcamp …and more! If there’s something your group is interested in that you don’t see listed here, feel free to ask. We want our customers in Hoboken to not only look good, but feel good too! We believe in accountability that doesn’t interrupt motivation. Getting fit isn’t easy, but our trainers are determined to create a supportive environment and build a close community of like-minded people who keep each other motivated! Our goal is to help you believe in yourself as much as we do. Call today to bring our group exercise classes to your community. We can’t wait to help you get fit.


Starting your own unique fitness journey can be overwhelming and sometimes feel downright impossible. Beginners often find themselves struggling with difficult to master exercises, finding the time to work out, and eating in a way that complements the work they’re doing in the gym. If you’re struggling to stay motivated, Send Me a Trainer has your back. We provide Hoboken residents with the support and guidance they need to stick to their plans and achieve their goals. The benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle are endless. No matter your fitness goals, Send Me a Trainer is passionate about helping you feel better and we do that by listening. Your workout plan will be customized for your unique needs and with your goals and fitness level in mind. Our programs are great for beginners! And you’ll never have to worry about getting bored – we’ll conduct monthly fitness assessments to ensure that your program grows with you as you become more fit. You’ll even receive homework assignments to keep up in between sessions, and be provided with nutritional guidance to help maximize your results. Our trainers will never tear you down or make you lose sight of what’s important. We’ll always hold you accountable, but our programs are based on motivation. Your healthy lifestyle is as much about improving your mental and emotional well-being as it is about your body. It can be difficult, but we’re all about creating a close-knit community of like-minded people there to support you along the way. Being in the best shape of your life means having more energy, feeling great, and believing in yourself. We believe in you, and in time, we know you’ll believe in yourself too. So, what are you waiting for? Call your Hoboken Send Me a Trainer team today. We can’t wait to join you on your journey to a healthier, fitter life.


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